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American Physical Therapy Association
National Athletic Trainers’ Association
World Confederation for Physical Therapy

Disorders and Physical Therapy:
Parkinson's Disease - PT and OT
Physical Therapy for TM Disorders
PT Intervention for Huntington Disease
PT for Degenerative Disc Disease

General Orthopedics:
AAOS - Your Orthopedic Connection
General Orthopedic Patient Education
General Principles of Fracture Care

Improving Your Back's Health:
Q&A - Pain and Physical Therapy
What is the Benefit of Physical Therapy

Three Moves for Better Spine Health 

Taking Care of Your Back at Home

Manual Therapy:
Manual Physical Therapy for Pain Relief
Manual Therapy Journal Home
American Massage Therapy Association
10 Most Popular Types of Massage Therapy
Massage Therapy Information
Top 10 Massage Techniques
Types of Massage Therapy

Occupational Therapy:
About AOTA
OT - Q&A
What is Occupational Therapy?

Pediatric PT:
Intensive Pediatric PT

Physical Therapy:
Types of Physical Therapy
Types of PT - Video and Articles
Science Clarified
WebMD - Types of PT

Physical Therapy Products:
Exercise Equipment and Physical Therapy Products
Orthopedic Physical Therapy Products
Physical Therapy Equipment
Physical Therapy Products
Pro Therapy Supplies

Pilates: - All About Pilates
Free Pilates Workout Online
Learning Pilates
Top 6 Benefits of Pilates Exercises

Resources for Persons with Disabilities:
Yoga Physical Therapy

Physical Activity for People with Disability

Stroke and Physical Therapy:
How to Use PT
National Stroke Association

What to Expect from Physical Therapy:
Physical Therapy Basics
WebMD - What to Expect from a PT Visit

What to Expect at Physical Therapy

Whole Body Vibration:
A Revolutionary Technique
MayoClinic - Whole Body Vibration, An Effective Workout?

Drug Company Resources:

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