Our therapy services will guide you back to the peak of well being.

Our Mission Is Your Quick And Effective Recovery


We have one simple goal: to provide effective rehabilitation programs so you can return to full function quickly and safely.


Its a simple premise: We want you to overcome your injury or impairment as much as you do, and we'll do what it takes to help you get there.


Quality Care


Because of our physical therapist's dedication to the cutting-edge techniques and our emphasis on personalized care, at Garner Physical Therapy Center Sun City Center can give you the kind of focused, progressive physical therapy treatment that can get you back to the Florida good life. A physical therapist at out center will provide custom care that centers around state-of-the-art, hands-on techniques and tailor-made exercise programs. Your care is delivered by highly trained, compassionate certified physical therapists.


The therapists at Garner Physical Therapy will spend time with you discussing your injury or illness, reviewing your treatment options and really listening to to your assessment of the problem. Our physical therapists will then create a custom treatment plan to relieve your pain and help you to achieve optimum health. 

What's more your physical therapist will answer your questions, listen to your concerns and let you know how your physical therapy is progressing. And although our entire staff of physical therapists will be there for you throughout your recovery, you'll always get one-on-one care for all treatments with a familiar credentialed physical therapist on each and every visit. Small wonder that over 80% of our new patients - hundreds of Florida residents - have been referred to our physical therapists by our local doctors.

The physical therapist you choose makes a difference in your care and your outcome. Choose a therapist at Garner Physical Therapy. 

We are a State Licensed Facility


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